Multimorbidity, Clinical Practice Guidelines and Automated Reasoning

When applying multiple CPGs to comorbid patients, as pointed out by Sittig et al., the challenge is to create mechanisms to identify and eliminate redundant, contraindicated, potentially discordant, or mutually exclusive guideline based recommendations for patients presenting with comorbid conditions or multiple medications. We believe the knowledge representation and reasoning area has a great potential to address the challenges. This page records our research progress, and software generated from our research is also shared here.


Preliminary Result on Finding Treatments for Patients with Comorbidity, Yuanlin Zhang and Zhizheng Zhang, KR4HC-2014. [PDF]


Here is the source code used in our KR4HC-2014 paper.

A web application for the automation of CPG for patients with multimorbidity.


This work is partially supported by NSF grant IIS-1018031 and CNS-1359359, National Natural Science Foundation of China grant 60803061 and 61272378, and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu (China) grant BK2008293.


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